The locals  see me running, they see me swimming…training in felda is a clear giveaway..oh and im going shite on the road at the moment! somethings up???. I’ll come clean.. I’m back on the tri wagon!
I find myself in the same predicament I did in 2011. I want to be a cyclist and race triathlon.  This can be done with no problem but there’s one..  You want to  be at your potential best for both.
Dont follow me… A good few guys missed the break in the last few weeks watching me..HAHA.. Believe me if I’d the legs I’d have been there!! Lesson for the next few weeks.. Don’t watch me!
My winter hasn’t been good.  Because of my late season last year I started back in January but that was quickly cut short as I was sick for 4 weeks and couldn’t shake a viral infection I picked up. So really im only training since early February. That will stand to me though come the end of the year.
I really got the bug back for ironman last year.  I am at a crossroads at the moment because riding  around on a Sunday getting my ass kicked because I’ve ran about 30 mile that week and swim 15km isn’t doing the confidence any good..  I love  it though..  Racing  on the road and putting your wits to the test is what wants me to tog out for the team.  But I’m prepared to put my road goals to the side because I’ve entered Ironman UK in July. Sometimes I wish I was 20 again because I probably wouldn’t be jumping in and out of sports. My best years are ticking like a clock so I want to achieve good results.
I asked, shes agreed..
 Discussions lasting longer than the peace process with the most UNDERSTANDING wife in the whole world have been positive. I’ve laid a marker down for myself..  I want to hit the big Island.. Kona. It’s a big shift in my thinking because Kona was a 4 year project.  Why?  It’s too dam appealing.. and im sick of listening to Owen Martin!!haha  I’ll race where I belong at age grouper so that means I’ll need to qualify..  Plan A is is to qualify at Bolton.. I haven’t figured out plan B yet..
Racing as a pro last year was frustrating and I only did it because it was a handy option. If I’d of raced age group in Barcelona and Arizona I’d of qualified by now..  Ah well Bolton was always a race I wanted to do.
What have I changed..
Myself and Rob Giffiths have hooked up again and it’s great.  Although I help some guys out I still need a little looking after too. We’ve been friends for years and he knows me inside and out. I’m still coming with the same problems..

I need to be lighter.. Power is down..  I want to race this weekend.. “but you know Bryan that might be a problem”…  Ive all the answers but sometimes you need a telling off.. I’m no different. I could go alone wrecking my head for weeks on end with bad form and a 3 min conversation with rob fixes it all. To me thats what a coach is really about, understanding the person you coach. We can all write coaching plans, but can we coach people?? I hope I can.

What I am enjoying is the training… What  I’m not enjoying is the lack of form on the road but hours of swimming and running.. #biggerpicture
Ive also enjoyed going around a few different clubs and talking to the about Ironman and what it entails. 
That’s it for now. I’ll check in with some updates and hopefully keep you in the loop with my Ironman preparation. 
All the best to my amazing wife Karen who is running the new york half Marathon this weekend along with Denise and Lorraine!.. Go Girls!!