Its getting cold and the clocks are going back, every athletes dream.

I can guarantee that the winter warriors have already begun their quest for the perfect 2016 season. (and are probably 6 weeks in!!) If you have you could be on the road to my  diagnosis CB. Cycling burnout!.


”This year is gonna be my year”.. ”Im gonna lose X stone and prove those gobshites wrong..!!”So what happened last year? I tell you.. you were fresh and felt good so you pushed on, that’s because you were knackered by july and have been resting since. The cycling calendar started too early(that’s a whole other post that’ll fall on deaf ears AGAIN).. in the fecking Snow!!! .. So you kept pushing.. you rode outside your comfort zone with friends at the weekend while still holding conversation  and it was still december!.

You feel To improve you must train hard! Its conventional wisdom to think like this. So what happened when the season kicked in… EXACTLY. Weren’t able to go with the moves..But you were ready right? or so you thought.. You were averaging 35kph with the lads on Sunday rides. YOU ARE THE STRAVA KING! Whats going on.


I know what went on!.. You felt so good that it was easy to push on. You had no PATIENCE and with no patience comes lack of CONSISTENCY. Two big words that every program needs. So simple but yet so effective. The lack of patience means you need to rest mid cycle both mentally and physically, this stops you getting out thus break in training. Its probably the best advice i can offer. Ive failed but Ive learned..still learning!
Now is your chance to change it up a little, find new ideas. Do you think you eat clean but still a little pudgey??.. Could be alot to do with your training efforts. What else can you do ??, slow down. There is a time and place to go hard but knowing when  can prove difficult.  Find yourself a good coach that understands how training works. There needs to be communication. Emailed programs dont cut it, your coach needs to know YOU. He or she needs to know how you together! Can you meet for a coffee every now and then. Simple factors..  Do you work night shift??.. how does that affect your sleep pattern???.. Are you cramming in sessions because it says it on the sheet. Are you playing catch up for missed sessions..All these things lead to one result. CB

If it didnt work last year then it probably wont work this year.