That’s me in the photo. Bricking myself in my first ras a few years ago with Cuchulainn. I hadn’t a clue what to exact. I’ll be starting my 3rd ras (finished 2) and I’m still bricking myself because I now know what to expect..

The Ras is special, it grips part of the nation that couldn’t care less about men in Lycra and the success story/dream of the average working man trying to compete with the tanned pros still sells.

Asea Wheelworx will be there to race and be as professional as possible. A good week for us will be to try and get in the headlines. Since my last post in Kerry we’ve been preparing well and maybe haven’t put results on the board we feel confident and ready.


The standard of Irish racing is at an all time high. I don’t have right to say that because of my short time on the circuit but speaking to guys that are around 20 odds years  say it has never been better. I think it’ll make for plenty of county rider commentary.


I’ve put my running legs away for the last 2 weeks and I think I’m better for it. I raced well in the shay elliot last Sunday, fading at the end but I was happy the way my legs went with my brain.

Next week I’ll try my best to update with team progress.

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Good luck to all my fellow County men.

HH 😊