Dont follow the crowd. From a young age I never followed the crowd. I was always taught to have a leaders mindset. I’ll try and instil that into my own kids as I feel it has helped me to this day.

Where am i going with this?? I had a discussion with an athlete I coached not so long ago and i felt it was time he/she should work with someone else. The problem I had was getting this athlete to close their ears when talking to other friends. They were too hooked up in what others were at and not focused in what they were doing themselves. I would have easy sessions laid out and Id find out that they would have ‘pushed on’ because thats what ‘Mary’ was doing. 
If you want to achieve anything in life you need your own mind. Im not concerned what my competitors or friends are at, all im concerned about is what Bryan McCrystal is at. Im introducing some 12 week structured plans that can help and educate guys in proper training practice. 
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3 quick sum up  points-
  • You dont have to be a winner to be a leader. This comes within, stand out from the crowd and be your own man or woman. 
  • Document your progress. Its good to look back on training before and get an understanding of where youve come from. 
  • when you achieve your ultimate goal it will be even more satisfying knowing you did it your way.
BMC… ‘baaaa’