Why do we do it?… Endless self F-ings off.. endless ‘ tomorrow the ‘diet starts ‘… You promised yourself on the 20th of december this wasnt going to happen.. now you lie in a pool of obese shit… as I said to Rob cummins, the fuck it switch has been pressed.. actually its on an automated timer going off  every hour and your belly is that sore from  food it  doesn’t know what end to come out..

But hey that happen last year too and im guessing the year before.. But there is Hope and its called January.. January is the month of retribution.. So its happened, you’ve neglected sessions, you’ve drank a little in excess and certainly didnt need 3rd helpings at diner…
All that said I think its important to go there.. feel like crap now because  when the important time of year comes around feeling good feels  Fricken Awesome.. 
When you’re ready give yourself 2/3 days of no training to get your food plan right. Get the sugar cravings out of your system by eating clean . Now you’ll be ready to get back into it. Train aerobically for 2 weeks and go short and hard for 4 weeks after(HIIT). Now would be the right time to get into volume. 
Short words of wisdom I hope saves you from tearing your own head off..