Depending who you bump into you are sure to get a difference in opinion so here’s mine. I wont get down to the nitty gritty of the numbers but I offer some insight into the training tools i have.
 I do feel I’ve become very astute knowing where my body is in training and racing but I could never be absolutely sure. That’s why over the last 3 years Ive made some investments in key training tools that work well for a part time athlete.

I think the majority of amateurs train too hard. But whats more , they train hard at the wrong times. Its classic but I can see why. Having some tools to measure where you are seem to have their place in the amateur pelaton. Our team are lucky to be in partnership with cyclepower meters and personally Wattbike Ireland have been very supportive. It really gave me a kick up the ass around November that i needed to knuckle down and make adjustments to improve. 
I only train with power in the form of a powertap wheel and my stationary wattbike and  that for me is the perfect option if you don’t want to race with power. . What has got me thinking is these new pedals that powertap have come out with… they could be a game changer. For some reason I didn’t like the look of garmin pedals but I do like what powertap are after doing with there set.

My wattbike  has been one of the best if not thee best pieces of equipment i bought since getting into the sport. It for me has made my limited time riding during the week into 100% quality. I can handle 3 hours on the wattbike and for me its not a chore. It replicates the road and being in a controlled environment helps to hit each rep bang on. At least twice a week I am on my wattbike and I use the wattbike to test most of my athletes. Only recently I did a 3 minute test and done right will put you on the floor. I under estimated it and 3 minutes is one hell of a long time maxed out. Only riding 3 minutes will give you bang on training numbers. The 3 minute test is handy because sometimes the longer tests can be too taxing and take too long.With the built in tests and sessions and the ability customize it is a winner. I see these wattbikes popping up in most gyms so if they are in your gym dont ignore them!