I suppose you have to take the bad with the good. Saturday I was in lanzarote doing the 70.3 race. It was last minute(ish) decision and I probably was going into it feeling better than I have done all year.

Im really enjoying the training and I feel great. I had no pressure on myself to really race well, i wanted to have  a blast and enjoy the few days with Pat in the sun. He loves these mini training camps! But it wasnt to be.. The kids are carrying some germs at present  and I rarely pick anything off them but this time I brought a dose with me to the island and the race was a no-goer..

Half way through the swim it felt like someone lit a match to my chest. Once on the bike I couldnt not get into the groove and from mile 2 I had a splitting headache. That course was something Id thrive on but i just hadnt the energy or power in my legs to turn a gear. I didnt pass the pro woman until the hour and even that wasnt convincing… On the run I was so heavy legged and weak but I gave it a shot.  Theres times when you need to wave the white flag. I wont say im disappointed, a little pissed off maybe because of the effort of getting there and family sacrifices etc etc. As part timers our time is very precious and we need to make every race count. I pulled out 10k to go. In my head i assessed it.. either kill yourself finishing or except its not to be.


The flight home was tourture. As the minutes ticked I got worse. A fella says to me..”Hey boy- your the wrong colour of white”..

A little R&R wont do any harm..