Morale in the camp is good. No complaining and we have a ‘let’s get it done attitude’! We are getting the same treatment as the professional teams. That’s all to do with Dominic, Cuirithir and Aimhirghin, Pat, Gro and now Ray. We are able to switch off and ride. Big thanks to them for the week, especially Dominic. The effort he has put in for us is unbelievable.

Day 5
Rodger requested an easy day or rather the pelaton requested Rodger give them an easy day. It was fairly uneventful until the last 10km. Everyone was together and then an explosion of speed went off. I knew to be at the front(ish) incase something might happen. I was happy to be in around the moves but I just wanted to get to the line with the bunch. It was technical coming into the finish and the last corner was a little hairy! Finished off a decent day and 3rd county man over the line.

Day 6
We saddled up in mitchellstown and went in the direction of Carlow. Today I predicted it was going to get tough at 100km and that’s what happened. I had an early dig for the cameras early on and the peleton let me dangle at the front until they decided enough was enough and gave me the curly finger to come back.

The wind was hard going and holding your position was just as tough. I suffered another puncture but got back on. Luckily there wasn’t big pressure on the front. A few times the shit hit the fan and If you were at the back it was hard.

One thing I noticed about this race is how much these kids can drink! They’re like camels. Us county boys have 2 bottles and that’s it. If one bounces out of the cage because of a pot hole, you ration the one left!

Rodger, Ultan and Colm were right there all day. The splits happened right at the bottom of the first hill. A crash infront of me put me in the ditch but I stayed up. I lost touch but buried myself to grab the coat tails of it. Straight away that was it. Whoever was there was there to the line.

Myself and Rodger were there. I didn’t see him for about 5 mins and Thomas Martin told me he punctured. Since Rodger is up there I have to sacrifice my stage effort for his over-all. I dropped back to the cars and saw him coming back. Rodger gave the thumbs up and is that strong anyway he doesn’t need help. The man is the ‘peoples favourite’.

We got back on but with just over 3k to go Rodger was put into the corner going through a roundabout. Bad luck meant that he lost 22 seconds on the stage.

The run-in was fast. With 500m to go I was gone. The needle was bent and the meter glass had smashed but I kept going and prayed no county man passed. I got there and I ride a very small blue county jersey tomorrow!

2nd day in a row we have won the county team for the stage. Us Wee boys can ride! Up ya boya!