I’m on a journey; one of pain and suffering. An Post RÁS, where men are men! I can’t boast like some to say I grew up watching the RÁS but it’s something that has interested me greatly since I changed sports. I want the t-shirt and I want to tell my son and daughter I rode the RÁS. The RÁS is an epic eight day cycling race that doesn’t let up from day one. Actually make that mile one.

I’m writing this after day two and I still need two hands to count how many days are left. Oh dear God. Maybe I shouldn’t have worked so hard today. I noticed a few handy lads not showing their cards. Clever clogs! I worked hard and have nothing to show for it. A bunch finish. Aha you’ll learn fella – the hard way.

I’m riding with the Louth team. Team members include Roger Aiken, Ray O’Shaughnessy, Colm Quinn and Ultan Coyle. Team manager is ‘The Dom’.

Day One

Day one kicked off in Dunboyne town. We rode well on day one. I suffered a few mechanicals that forced me to smoke a couple cigars with 30km to go. The other lads finished well and were pleased that the circus was over and the racing could commence. A lot of eyes were watching, well wishers and supporters. There’s nothing really to report other than the bunch averaged 29.9mph.

Day Two

I could nearly smell the shite at the line. Everyone knew what was going down. 35mph from the gun. Lose a wheel and you’re out the back door. Close the door on your way out son! Inside the first 10mile I had another problem. But I was off the bike and back on again and chasing hard. Luckily enough I was back at it and moved my way to the first 30 riders. I’m more comfortable there, I hate sitting at the back. You can’t see anything and carbon gets broken more frequently. Rooster was unfortunate and came down and it’s game over for him. Luckily he’s able to tell the tale. Roger was active and certainly lads fear him. If he moves, the group moves. I raced my bike today. A bit daft at times but I’m serving an apprenticeship. I didn’t feel out of place but tomorrow is another day. The rest of the lads came in with the their own war stories and then proceeded to eat all around them…