As myself and my ‘mechanic’ Pat were about to head to Challenge Barcelona my doc called Time on my season. He told me ‘you aint getting on no plane’

Its a pity as I was really looking forward to another Ironman. I feel a bit like a drunk man standing at the bar, not knowing if I had had enough to drink. Bent over,falling over, barely able to stand, I lock eyes with the bar man and I raise my index finger. He knods and proceeds to pour my pint of Guinness, resting one hand on the tap and gently bringing the glass from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.He pauses and has to create small talk with the other pissed up fart who unfortunately is sat beside the Guinness tap for a mintute…then he tops ‘her up’ and delivers my final drink on my personal beer mat that has been with me all night. That first sup 4,5,6 hours ago was heaven, eyes closed, the white stuff covers my stupid ginger tash and touches the top of my big nose. Now if I closed my eyes it could be a pint of Fairy liquid. The taste is gone.
If I left before that last one tomorrow I might be able to function but I got greedy and tomorrow is a write off!.. everyone suffers. Wife, kids….. & the unfortunate toilet bowl!

Im glad my doc acted like the a bar man and said, ”son I think youve had enough’ because I was going to board that plane today. The following week after Galway 70.3 I broke out in Shingles. I rested and it cleared & felt great in training but a couple of other niggley things left question marks. A blood test soon said ‘Wow horsie.. park up and call it quits’. Ive had a great season, one Im proud of. Its a stepping stone to 2013 and already I hungry for more.

So now I rest and plan.

I want to thank everyone for there support this season. While living the life of an age grouper I raced on a pro card and had some great and invaluable experiences. As always Rob has guided and helped me all year to which I am thankful for. I have been helped out financially to reach destinations I thought not possible, sponsored Bike from Tommy the Bike & clothing from various sponsors I am more than happy to wear. I am greatful to friends and family(wifey no 1!!) for there support because this is a selfish sport and if the people who are closest arent there 100% it wont happen.

Thank you to my sponsors. Statsports, Helvectica, Tommy the Bike, Sailfish, Physio Ireland, Compressport, Endurance Junkie, Design North, TBUK. , Aura Dundalk

So whats next for BMC?? simple answer. Big Goals, big plans, big everything. Aim for the stars and you’ll get close. I am trying my best to make full time life as a triathlete possible. Ive showed I can do it and Im confident I can do it. Its all down to financials. If anyone would like to help me out you can contact me or Peter Halpin
Ironman is the agenda again next year(or before the end of 2012!!), Can I get to Kona? Im going to try.