It’s Friday and I’m running down towards the navy bank, a nice 1 hour loop I do a few times a week on my way  into the Jewellers. It’s lashing down and I see a guy in the distance. He’s up a ladder and seems to be cutting his hedge. As I pass he turns and waves his hedge cutter  left to right in my direction..he shouts ” at least I’m not the only mad man around this morning”.. Should any squeals for Hannibal lecter films come out that guy should audition.

” If triathlon was easy they’d call it football ” .. That was the slogan on the back of the famous camlough triathlon that was being held on saturday. I wont say I agree but one thing is for sure this sport is tougher than football. With no plan after lanzarote I was lucky to get and entry. I raced here twice before and it’s one of my favorites. My last sprint race was hear in 2009 when I won in a sprint finsh. The atmosphere is electric and the locals give a demonstration in community spirit and togetherness. It really is the best organized race I’ve been apart of. Every corner has a marshal…and a hill after it!!. It’s the toughest sprint distance in the country consisting of 750m(accurate!!!) 18km bike and 5km run.
I planned like the last two races to race hard, the priority being to shock the body and remind it about the fast stuff. With it being a local race I wanted to do well. The Horn went and I attacked as hard as my arms would let me.. The lake wasnt calm but I felt I swam as good as I have done this season. I transitioned onto the Trek and a minor problem about clipping in was resolved and  I was soon out of the saddle pumping up the hill out of camlough. Last minute I had to change bikes to my road set up, I cant say I was comfortable but tell me a sprint race you should feel comfortable in!!. It was clear that there were a few guys up the road that I hadnt caught, this bothered me!. I asked myself was it a race too much, were my legs not going as well or did the competition have strong bike legs. You only find this things after the race. The mind is a powerful tool and my mind told my legs to keep working even though tears were running down my quads. I heard screaming too.

On the run I started  in second place with 3rd hot on my heals. I could see my target up ahead and felt I wouldnt bridge the gap but I realised I was gaining pretty quick and 3rd was fading. Two laps of the run course makes for an exciting spectacle and I could see my supports urging me on. With 2.5 km to go I gained the lead and finished strong and enjoyed the run to the line. I didnt want to experience what had happened in ’09. The blue Setanta Triathlon Club was easy to spot and everyone that finished had a smile on there face.. Because i think the pain was over!. Congratulations to all the competed. Thank you to Catherine Murphy the race organizer, marshals, volanteers & race officials.