I’m in lanzarote. 6 more sleeps until I try and ad a new distance to my CV. Lanzarote Ironman. 3.8km swim- 180km bike- 42.2 km run. I race on Saturday 19th.
For my debut IM(Ironman) I really have picked a dinger. Thought as one of the toughest around, this island is rather special. I am really looking forward to it and fingers crossed it goes ok. I’m fit, healthy and as strong as i could  possibly be. Im ready for the challenge.
The weather is hot and the wind is up but that’s what this island offers. The conditions will be the same for everyone on the line. It’s wasted energy trying to think about the conditions. Coming out early was a good idea. I’m staying in my cousins villa, Villa Saoirse in Puerto del carmen.  It has given me time to think about my race plan. The plan has changed. Being my first attempt at this distance and the race choice I can’t push the button. I need to ease into it and be in control of my effort. So many times I’ve heard that IM racing starts at the marathon. Being known as a biker it’s hard to tell me to ease off the gas but that’s what I have to do. I’m just back from driving the course and it has all the elements(apart from the rain) my plan is to hold the power until 130km and hopefully I have legs to apply the pressure on the pedals for home.  Meeting people that know this island so well all have the word ‘smart’ in their sentence while offering advice.
Apart from the bike theres the little task of the marathon. That’s the time when I will question my sanity.
The field is strong but it doesn’t interest me. I’ve only eyes on myself and I want a performance, not a result. I’ll take the result but if I get a performance everything else will look after itself…
You can follow my progress live on www.ironmanlive.com simply enter my surname or race number 35.
Wish me luck! *gulp*
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