Well the off-season didn’t last too long!.. Why do we crave the ‘off’ season and then once into 1-2 weeks of normal living the gutties and Lycra start to call.

I ended the season on a slight high and it has given me the incentive to press on for 2012.   I took most of October off and have been on a program from the boys at TBUK since the early days of  November. Myself and Rob have had numerous chats and we feel I should race pro category next season. Why not!, I’ve nothing to lose only a few more pounds from the extra training. I am going to race more and have been building a team of sponsors around me. I need to if I plan to race more. This game can get a bit pricey so for Christmas diner we are just having Ham. The turkey is over rated!!

The first race of the season is  South Africa 70.3 in January, then  Abu Dhabi in March and Majorca 111 in April. That all leads up to Lanzarote Full Ironman in May. After that I’m willing to just see how my body is and decide on the rest of the calendar.

The training has been going well. I’m training more than I have ever done and feel strong. But it is still December and the season will be a long one. My strength and con coach Barry Martin has tailored a program for me geared towards my weaknesses. The one thing I don’t want is to eat too much spinach and be like pop eye. My genetic make up gives me the muscles so I’m not in the gym to get more.,;-). I’m also getting more rubs and treatment to keep the injuries at bay at Physio Ireland Clinic in Dundalk.

Healvetica Health  are on board. I have been using their product all through last season and it worked!.. For pre training/racing and after it delivers. Try it out or if you want to get in touch with the guys drop me a line. In conjunction with Helvetica health, Saffron Sports sent me over to Benicassim in spain, just 1 hour from Valentia to check out a training venue they hope to bring training groups to. The venue  lends itself and caters for all type of athlete. Whether you are a mountain biker, triathlete, runner or cyclist. This place has it all. A top sporting facility I hope to be going back and forth to over the season. http://www.intursports.com/ I was looked after immensely. Juan Sanchez from Saffron Sports drove me around everywhere! I was even treated to a La Liga game between Real Madrid and Valentia. I have only good words to say about Jose the Hotel manager who made sure I was made feel welcome at every given opportunity. The hotel make sure that  athletes  picky diets and every bit of food is researched. The food  is prepared by top chefs  that train  themselves! so you can’t go wrong.

I got good miles in and As the week went on I felt stronger. It was strange finishing training and having nothing to do until the next session. My normal day is 100 mph, so to relax was a change.

Home and gone again!

I was only home and away with another proud sponsor Sailfish to the Triathlon awards in Frankfurt. (not that i was getting one). The guys as usual looked after me and we rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the sport. To name one, Micheal Raelert, a gentleman and a skinny skinny man!!!.. I did strike gold with a forest trail behind the hotel and without me realising my runners were in the bag..funny that!! More big miles done so that put an end to a hard 4 week block! Next day while waiting on our flight was spent shopping… for food!!!! nom nom

I was glad to be finally getting home. I was starting to wonder if my kids would remember me. I did miss them and Karen but I didn’t miss the weather! burrr..


Next step is to try and train as much as possible over Xmas, not like normal years where ive let myself go!. It is always hard because of the Jewellers around Xmas but I’ll try to get out..;) ‘the turbo is calling’

Ive more news about sponsors and team but I rather drip the information to ya’s!!!


ps Happy Christmas!!!!