Since Galway I have continued where I left off. Back at work and training as normal (maybe normal for a triathlete). Because Galway didn’t go to plan I trained that wee bit harder towards the end of the week and buried myself in one or 2 sessions.. I quickly found out why it’s not a good idea to do this as the body wasn’t taking it too kindly! Still I wanted a race to clear the head and put out a performance I know was maybe was there.
The national middle distance champs were on 2 weeks after Galway, though I had looked at the calendar I put that race to one side earlier in the year. But things changed and I wanted to do it. I hadn’t an entry but put in a couple of texts/calls/emails with the hope to get in and race. Owen cummins was in and after his fine display in Galway I was eager to challenge him.. Long story made short. I was wasn’t wanted!.. Another time maybe lost sheep..;)) With a big door slammed in my face I got an entry into the Dublin Half Marathon. I raced under a buddies name.. Let’s just say Liam did a Pb.
My Dad always says there’s a reason for everything and I was meant to run the Dublin half. It went better than i thought and was a great indication or confidence boost if you like as to where I’m ‘at’ running wise. I ran a solid 73:33.. I haven’t tested myself in recent years at the half distance but my Pb had been 78:45. My splits were consistent and I ran out of myself! I had one of those days where I couldn’t hurt..Myself and rob still decided it wouldn’t be bad idea to get a race in before ocean lava(half ironman in lanzorote on 8th of October I’m doing). Belmullet in Mayo was on. Olympic distance and perfect to get some speed in the legs. I entered before looking at the map of Ireland(geography wasn’t a strong subject of mine).. “we’ll be on the road early for this one Pat”… (and your driving!!!). Well that didn’t workout either because all week I felt flu like (man like) symptoms coming on.
By Thursday I woke up with it! Because ocean lava is coming up I wanted rid of it so I got an antibiotic and decided to give belmullet a miss. The 100 mile TT was on on Sunday and if I was any better I’ll do it as a training ride. I hadn’t been talking to rob all week but last minute sat evening we decided(man flu permitting Sunday morning) I would do the 100tt at training/IM race pace. It’s amazing how relaxed you go to a race when you have zero expectations of yourself.. I woke up later, took 20 minutes opposed to 5 hours to get ready, eat a different breakfast, didn’t fuss as normal.. So we literally landed at sign on, got the bike out, pumped the tires and I rolled up to the start line.The weather was poor. I did this last year and the day was perfect. It’s tough course , 7.5 laps of the A26 between two round a bouts.. Not like the drag strips they have across the water..I recognised a lot of the guys that did it last year ( but didn’t recognise any new faces!!!) I think if someone enters a 100 mile TT there must be something not working right upstairs!! Goal was to stroll out and get up to 310/330 watts and watch what the heart was doing.. And theres not much else to say about it.. That’s what happened.. The wind was harsh heading south and coming back it gave a good lift. Straight away I was in bother as the biggest gear I had to drive it on was 54/14.. I was spinning out on parts.. I had a decision to make, pull over and change wheels and lose time or just keep going as it only a training ride. I just kept going and said what the hell… I had Pat following me as usual and he was experienced this year, and knew his roll for bottle change!.. Problem this time he was running to fast. Our point of bottle change was at the crest of a hill, when I got within 10 yards Pat got his ‘run on’.. Like a relay runner receiving the baton for the final 100, Pat nailed it… Hes been putting in a few extra hours these days training and it showed!! He was running away from me!! I could hear him say.”where the £&@£ are ya”.
I did something new that I never did before in a race.. I have tried but never could do it.. I had a pee.. Not 1 , not 2 but 3 of them..Yes.. I wet myself.. These are the things you do in Ironman races I said to myself…pat was lucky he had the windows up. It was a good idea at the time but 80 miles in my bottom was a little sore.. I’ve been using the kids cream since Sunday!!!.. I knew I was second because I could see john madden putting time into me on every lap.. It was strange because every ounce of will forced me not to race it harder.. But all of a sudden where I expected to see john at the point in the road he wasn’t there and it was clear he wasn’t going good late on.. John bet me by 1 minute or so but had 7 mins on me at one stage. Johns a classy rider and a gentleman and the title is well deserved.  I’m glad he got it. I think he cleaned up on every category.
last year when i crossed the line I couldn’t stand. I actually couldn’t see going into the last roundabout. This year I put on my runners and went for a  30 min run.. I got some looks!!! All in all a great day.. Averaged 325 watts at 140 heart rate…

So next up is lanzorote. Can’t bloody wait.. The race is important but just to get away with the family is what I’m most looking forward to. I decided to do this race as prep for full IM next may. Hopefully I’ll make plenty of mistakes that I can rectify next may!!!

ps.. The diamond ring is just to show you i do have a job!!!..;-)