Theres nothing like a bit of Blog therapy..There are 2 types of reports/blogs. One, a ‘blow’ or should I say ‘show off’  blog and two ‘the tail between the legs’ blog. Mine is the latter..but theres always another race to sort out the disappointment.. My next race couldnt come quick enough!!

Galway 70.3 was my race to shine, the unfortunate thing was nothing really shone. Well, maybe the end of my nose from the cold. I was like a hardened alcoholic in search for his next tipple throughout the day. I was in the best shape possible going into galway and training and races suggested that. I was hoping to podium overall and if things went well maybe a win was on the cards.

Morning of the race..

Conditions took a turn for the worse overnight. I wasnt disappointed, then hearing that the swim was shortened i defiantly was not disappointed. Right there and then when i heard that i felt the race was mine for the taking. I had a google look at the pros registered and didnt feel too scared of what they could do.  Ireland also has a fair share of good age group middle distance athletes now with the same idea as me,  but as the fella says ”its all on the day”.. The pros went off first and my wave was off 3rd some 25 mins after. Though the swim was shorthened to 750/1000m it was tough. I didnt at any point feel under pressure or out of breath. But I struggled against the waves. Here i was learning my first lesson. MORE SEA SWIMS..! I took a wrong line to the second buoy  but a kind canoest knocked me on the head and corrected me. I kept taking sea water onboard and it was horrible..I tried getting some of it up on the way to transition but nothing came.


Same plan as always, watch the heroics!.. that’s what i did. cruised through the field with ease.. But inside the first 40k things weren’t right.. I started to get cold, very cold. I think everyone that i passed had some sort of cover on them but not me.. I was a tough boyo in my onesy!!!.. the thing is I never even considered putting on anything.. I was so engrossed in the race and how i would swim,ride and run that it didn’t even enter my head. I linger around 5% body fat and maybe in the last week or so I dipped under, so as the other fella says.. ”I didn’t have a whole lot of insulation going on”.. What has crossed my mind since is that i probably have been doing too much turbo training and not enough out doors!.. At the turnaround its very open, and it was a long way home. I watched the power average go down and down.. I hadn’t the strength to lift the bike over the speed bumps going through one of the villages.. I forced all my nutrition down and figured get home and the run legs would be bike time was way off. When the first rider passed me I picked a land mark and gauged how far i was back. I was loosing time which shouldn’t of been the case. When I rode the course a few weeks ago my power was greater..


I just couldnt get going… I tried and pushed as hard as i could but the tummy wasnt well.. The water i took in started to come back and my legs went.. At 8k I was running 1:25 pace but the wheels came off.. I read somewhere this season, ”A man learns nothing from himself by quiting”.. A few years ago I packed it in in a race and I swore I would never do it again..(within reason of course!!) What pleased me more was i toughed it out and took my medicine.. The last 20/30k of the bike is a blur as is the run.. I cant recall much after the race but i do remember being peed off!!..( if you were unfortunate to bump into me and i was a bit of a wasp, im sorry!!) I keep getting tagged on Facebook on the run and to say im the color of death is an understatement. My club setanta had a great presence in the race and every corner you went round one shouted encouragement!!

(note that my arms didn’t get sunburn!!!, i think that’s frostbite)

All in all race included I had a great weekend(seriously).. you learn from these races and learn what the body does and doesn’t respond to. We had a great family holiday and theres nothing like a 2 year old to bring a smile back on your face.. I will definitely be back next year. For the first year of the event and the conditions that faced the organizers they did an unbelievable job. I tip my hat to you!..