Those who log in for a wee nose on my blog might have noticed I haven’t posted in a a quick update should kill a quiet half hour…

Since my race in clearwater I havent been doing a whole pile. From November through Christmas I did zero training.. I needed the break after a hard year. I needed to switch the brain off more than anything and bring myself back to real life a bit. The real life that pays the bills and has a family. I’m in the Jewellery business so Christmas was a priority!!..;) After the ‘Christmas rush’ I needed a blow out and a blow out is what I got. The annual Castlewellan Christmas cracker 10 miler is always a tasty race. It can only be described as hills on hills!.It is done with a partner and you have to cross the line together. My partner was good aul buddy Owen Martin(my diet coach). I had no form but as you stand on the line of a race theres only one option and it is to go as hard as you can… nearly 10 minutes slower than last year told its own story… but still I’ll be back for next years race.

From there and with every person I meet that I havent seen in a while ask me.”so whats the big goal for 2011??”.. simple answer is no goal! I have just been riding my bike since castlewellan. Ive parted company with my coach rob and now training off a few cycling sessions from ciaran power. I think its important for an athlete to experience new ideas. Ciaran is a former pro biker & Ras winner and knows his stuff. I Havent swam since clearwater or run since christmas. Myself and my beautiful wife are expecting our second future world champion in march so i think its best to put my ego and goals to one side…though i have been sneakily training hard on the rothar(just incase).. I plan to enter a few open races and test myself a bit more and maybe target national timetrials..( is that a goal??? maybe a little one..;-) )

The dreaded Xmas pud!

I did have a big goal after Christmas and that was to lose weight, i was too good with my pudding portion sizes… I am/was a big guy on the circuit and too many times i crossed the line saying..”right Im gonna be more strict with what i eat”.. I never saw that through come the monday after each race. I always convinced myself that I trained hard enough to enjoy all the fruits of life. But my fruits were too fruity.. long and short of it i was being greedy.. When I think to the discipline i had with my training and then to spoil it with what i put in my mouth maddens me.. I remember way back when I was 16 and Leeds united were looking at me. I was told we like you son but your too fat!!.. For a 16 year old to be told that is ridiculous.. Back then I wasnt told how to lose the weight, all i was told is when you come back in 2 months you better be lighter.. what would a 16 year old do… eat toast for 2 months with no butter.. I got lighter alright and leeds did sign me but i was so unhealthy.. This time with a bit of knowledge and an older wiser head Ive gone about it the right way.. I cut out the crap basically.. no sugary foods, lowered the amount of carbs, introduced nuts and fruit and loads of veggies and hey presto I lost 1.5 stone since Christmas..I had put on an extra 7 pounds since November but now I stand 12 pounds lighter than my last race. Never before has our biscuit press be as full with goodies.. On the plus side our Grocery bill is down 50€ a week. I have basically stopped eating the house out of it.. Im getting used to people telling me how shite i look but thats music to any athletes ears!!!.. My sister just calls into the shop to me just to tell me how awful i look!..thanks Eve…
I have been consiously eating less calories through the day on purpose to get down but now ive leveled off Im upping the intake.. Also what has helped is our ‘diet group’ that meets a few days a week in the local deli..;-).. We just go to the deli and look at the food and order nothing.. we talk and express our love for chocolte,buns,muffins, and all other bad food.. We’re like a bunch of aul dolls or former addicts talking through their problems.. Im sure our talks make for good listening to the guys sitting next to us..We only call each eachother by our first names to keep it private.. Now that my target weight is here the treats are coming back into the diet but I need to keep it under control and still meet and talk so i dont fall completley off the wagon!!!.. i did have on bad day though.. ‘muffin Friday’.. I was so low and sick of dried fruit and mixed nuts I had to get a muffin.. 4 muffins later I fed my crave… I wasnt fit for breakfast the next day…

Racing 2011

I made the decision not to do any triathlons in 2011 at Christmas but now Im getting itchy feet.. I went on a 2 day training camp with the Cycling Ireland development squad last week. Not hoping to get anything out of it, it was an under 25 selection camp I was just allowed to be involved and do a bit of riding..(something doesnt sound right with that statement).I was merely there to tuck the kiddies into bed and read them a bedtime story..(jaysus thats sounds worse!!!).;-) though the weather was shocking i really enjoyed it.. As a very wise friend told me ”you might have the power of Thor but a racing brain of a sixteen year old”… cheers Myles..;-).. The traders cup in dundalk is the first race ive lined up.. I did it last year and the knockbridge circuit is top class. I cant make excuses now and say im a triathlete.. now im on a level par the roadies.

For now I want to keep the weight down and get a few races in!..