This was a ”Training Race”!!!! I dont know about you but a race is a race and I try to go as fast can and hope for the best( preferably the podium!!)

This race was over in the Uk close to my Coach Rob Griffiths of Training Bible’s house. A big thank you to him and his lovely wife Julie for putting me up and feeding my belly!!

I decided to drive over.. in my new white van.. I had some work on after the race in Leeds and would have to rent a car out anyway so I decided to take to the road and head for the port!!!

Me and Rían in the Van!

My boat docked at midnight and the plan was to find a cosy B&b and settle up for the night and then drive to robs house with my new friend ‘ Sat Nav’. It turned out hower there were no b&bs around and i ended up driving a couple of hours until i couldnt anymore. I thought all my birthdays came at once when I saw a hotel. 2;30am and i needed sleep!! no beds!! nightmare… ah well, I was going to have to spend some quailty time with my bike in the back of the van!! They really shouldnt put the ridges on the flooring in the back of vans.. not ideal preparation for a half Ironman.

I could finaly put a face to the voice that has been coaching me for almost a year now. I also met the lovely Julie, Robs wife. We had small chat and then headed fo registration and a quick drive of the bike course.. My body was crying out for some sleep but eventually we got back to robs place. It was was unbelievably hot.. My dark tan like skin was going to need some factor!! The race was at 6 in the morning so hopefully I wouldnt be out too long to catch all the rays!

Race morning

The start of the season arrived and I was raring to go.. It would also be the first time on my New Giant Trinity that I got from Tommy the bike The race venue was second to none. It was in a forest park that had wild deer, sheep, pigs,cows you name it they were on the course!!


The swim was pretty uneventful.. The current was very strong on the way out. When waiting for the gun it was like swimming on a treadmill to keep up the front. The usual hussle and bussle went on for the first few 100 but i was out of harms way and on my own for the entire race… I exited quite some time down and didnt feel like I did a good job..


The bike was mainly flat and around 85km. I went round the 2nd corner a bit too quick and had a quick introduction to the ditch!!! bottles out and Im everywhere!!.. I had to calm down as I didnt know the roads..(even though rob did drive me round the day before)

I got into a grove and moved up the field well and at 50km I was in second. That didnt change when I  got to T2 and off I went on the run.


I did what I do best on the run and run a world record 1st mile in 5:48 thus setting me up for a blow up later on.. why o why do I think im a fast runner?????! I pulled the pace back but the damage was done.. Along with the crippling heat and my stupity all I wanted to see was the finish line. The run is 2 laps and they actually bring you past the finish line in lap one to start your 2nd.. harsh!!

The slower guys were starting there run and it was great to have people on the course, it brings a better atmosphere and it pushes you on the wee it more.. I got to the line(just about) in 2nd place behind eventually winner and top class athlete James Gillfilan. He put 12 minutes into me, ( bit of a roastin)

All in all the season is off to a good start and I coming away from the race knowing that im in decent shape.. This is the distance I want to eventually race at and it is ideal preparation for my A race Antwerp 70.3.

Big thank you to Rob And Julie for there hospitality (and muffins)

Now off to Leeds to do some real work!!!!