My ras is over. Today I ate sweets in the team car with Timmy and Ken. I couldnt ride. Another bad night left me with little sleep and the pain is not subsiding with the painkillers. Im not shy to battle through but theres a fine line between being tough and stupidity. Yesterday was an immense effort and took alot of energy from me. Gone are the days when you cry over things. There are more important things in life and Im sitting beside one of them now (not tim Barry) and the other 2 are upstairs tucked away in bed.  With the fall I had it could have been worse and the bill couldve been bigger from Tipp County Co.!! I’ll dust myself down and reflect and come up with a new plan. The past cannot be change but the future can be controlled.

I had a good few days. I went with an aggressive attitude and I conducted myself well. Id like to thank the organisers and supporters. Everyone in the race was so kind and not shy to compliment me and the team. The race is special but its only that way because of the people that surround it. In the team car today I witnessed that. Thank you.

The Aqua blue team will ride on for 2 more days and Im confident a team prize will come our way. keep her lit lads-See you in skerries. If you win the Mrs will give you some Banana and walnut bread!!