A combo of 3 & 4 is all I have the energy for. It’s around this time that all good intentions fade. I’ll do my best but don’t be surprised to see a day 5,6,7,8 combo..


Anyway day 3 knocked me clean out- actually a bridge did . I came down bad- I was unlucky to hit bad road surface while turning into a narrow bridge. I’d nowhere to go and bounced off a curb with my side taking hit . I moaned and groaned for the best part of 15 minutes on the deck, it didn’t look good. The ambulance and doc were right on me and were on the ball. With 10k top go I finished the stage always giving me the option to start the next day. Thanks to everyone who was on hand to help me!!


Good news was that Shaw was up the road and finished 4th on the stage. Great result that shows we have nothing to be afraid of.


Day 4- bring on the hurt. 

Late yesterday evening something wasn’t right with my side. The pain was severe so I went back to the doc at race hq. He sent my to cork hospital for an x-ray. 4 hours later and at 3:30am myself and my loving team manager were back. It was a great way to team bond with Timmy but he gladly reminded how no other manager would do this. They’d of sent the bottle cleaner he said. “bloodly triathletes’

I started. The x-ray said no bleeding or broken ribs. I had to give it a go and regret nothing. It turned out I did Ok. A couple of attacks just to see how I was. A long climb in the end really buried me. The ribs killed but I got home which was the main objective.