Today hurt. The pace was on early doors. I was worse this morning pain wise and different areas are sore. I lost touch with 2 big groups on the way up the first climb. I couldn’t have done any more. My back and left glute are rock solid.


We have our own race to ride so with 2 men only up the road myself Keith and olan had to ride. We found ourselves with Javin nulty and we worked well. The reason why we had to ride was for the team prize. The highest placed 3 riders times count. I couldn’t stay with the lads and had to drop back to the last group on the road. I have to acknowledge Keith and olan. The lads are tough boys. Keith stayed away and he’s the reason why we still hold our advantage. Up the road Sean and Damien mixed it and Sean just missing or on the county rider.


This race is crazy. In the last few days you wouldn’t bet against the kiwis but now it’s turned on its head and the race is on. Tomorrow I expect fireworks to start and a few grenades for good measure.

My own personal goals are now gone. The team was always my focus but now it makes it even more important. I’ll give it another dig and stay positive.


More #uptheroadwater for diner