I love cycling and hate it at the same time. Today it rained. The look of fear on all the riders faces this morning said it all. The biggest fear for any rider is crashing. Thank God I stayed clear of it.

It was a hardy day, aqua blue found themselves with 4 riders in a break that got up to a minute and half at one point but you could tell it was never going to stick. Too many just weren’t there.

The real riding started with 30km to go. A cat 3 and cat 1 would test the legs. Again I got out to join lacy in a 10 man chase group to 5 leaders.

A wall of a cat 1 resulted in me lacy and 3 others losing touch but the finish was in sight and we were nearly back on.

Lots more riding to be done but all in all it was a good day. Good to meet up with the cuchullain lads ‘racing the ras’ and showing words of encouragement coming to the line. Se Weston even cleaned my face!!. Ronan greene is in the shape of his life. I heard he put on the hurt on the cat 1.